Electrical Theft

Electrical Theft




One of the crucial factors making the issue of electricity theft still relevant is the common physical access of the end users to the installations or meters. We adress not only the factors encouraging energy consumers to engage in dishonest behavior and the techniques they use to achieve the intended result, but also technical measures aimed at detecting such actions. The discussed technical issues can prove useful in designing increasingly refined security measures and ways to detect electricity theft.

The scale of the practice seems small, but its effects can be tragic to us, both in terms of finance and human life. Detection of theft does not protect the victim from paying inflated bills, and makeshift installations often cause electrocutions and fires. The practice becomes more prevalent during winter when energy consumption increases due to heating, and many people wish to save money.

Safety Of Illegal Connections


Cause electrocutions, fires or, in combination with a gas installation, even a gas explosion leading to destruction of property and even death.




None should remember that body corperates and utility managers losses are caused by illegal electricity consumption are partly transferred to the clients in the form of payments for electricity supply.




However, high prices of electricity are no justification. It should be understood that illegal electricity consumption is ordinary theft.



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Electrical Theft


Electrical Theft happens everywhere let us help you out and secure your DB today.


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