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Electrical Contractors

Servicing The Electrical Market

Our electrical contractors can handle all of your installation and repair needs, from motor controllers to relay logic, no matter how big or small.

We’re passionate about providing highly specialized services to industrial electrical applications. Our expertise allows us to efficiently service and maintain the equipment.



We work with you to customize the best solution, tailored to your unique situation. Sunstroke Electrical has a proven history of providing high-quality maintenance and installation services for some of the largest companies.

From general electrical contracting to complex installations, our committed electrical professionals are prepared for any project and, most of all, maintain exceptional standards of quality and customer service.

Home or Office Automation

Let your home take care of you. Before you even open your front door, your home will be ready to welcome you.

Electrical Problems

We have all the expertise and test equipment to assist you with your electrical problem.

Upgrade Your Home or Office

Upgrade your old light fixtures & Socket outlets to something new & modern

Repair Electrical Wiring

So the gardener hit some pipe in the garden and he heard sparks. It could be a electrical wire that was hit we can repair or install new cables.

Certificate Of Compliance

Before a C.O.C can be done we inspect the house if the house has no faults we write out the C.O.C document and hand it to you. If however there is a fault a quote will be given to you before we commence with repairs, after the fault has been corrected a C.O.C can be given to you.

Why Choose Us?

Sunstroke Electrical believes that do build a relationship with a client there needs to be a form of trust between us and you. Our core fundamentals are to be honest and to have integrity at all time. We believe that hard work and determination will get you ahead in life and that all the work we give you as a client will show in what we do. We also believe that time is precious and that we would fix the problem as quickly as possible to ensure that first time resolutions is always a must. You can also be confident that your belongings and your house is safe in our hands and that confidentiality between us and you are of utmost importance.

All our technicians are trained as per SANS electrical rules and that all rules that are applied at your house are legal in the standards book. If you are unsure our technicians always have a copy off the standards. It can be asked for at any time by you as the client. Sunstroke electrical will not over quote you for things you don’t need. The quote that is given to you is a true reflection of what is wrong on the premises. If we do however work less hours than what is specified on the quote it will be rectified in the invoice that is given to you.

Our clients have experienced our reliable and industry leading work. Encompassing the fields of electrical installation, maintenance, repairs, and fabrication; our group will always be indispensable to the needs of our clients. This is and will remain the driving principle of progress and the touchstone of our success.

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