Residential Electrical

We inspect, Test, Repair & Issue COC
New or Current houses

Commerial Electrical

We Inspect, Test, Repair & Issue COC
New or Current Buildings

Industrial Electrical

We Inspect, Test, Repair & Issue COC
3 Phase & Hazardous Locations


Your home is where you live on a daily basis when something electrical goes wrong you need a specialist. Sunstroke deals with electrical issues in your home.

Whether it’s a faulty plug or a installation of a fan. Sunstroke take's on any work that is handed our way. Our technicians have worked in a lot of homes for clients where problems are solved the first time.

Our services include installation, repair, test & inspection of electrical circuits. If you need a C.O.C done we can to that for you to.

The company also deals in solar sales & installations whichever system you choose grid tie or going fully of the grid. Our technicians can give you advice on which route to take. For solar installation please take note the initial setup is costly. If you would like to break to setup into parts it can be done. Solar can be cost effective if you buy over time.


Electrical Installations

 Rewire & Repair of Distribution Boards
 Fault finding 
 Outdoor/Parking Lot Lighting
 HID Lighting and Control 
 Lighting Design
 Ballast/Lamp Replacing
 1 phase/3 Phase Circuits
 Specialty Receptacles 
 Motor Controls/Lighting Contactors

Solar Installations

 Installation & Maintenance
 Certificate of Compliance 
 Grid Tied Systems
 Off Grid Systems 
 Hybrid Systems
 Bi Directional Systems 
 Repair & Testing

Backup Power

 Change engine oil, spark plug, air and oil filter
 Coolant and thermal level 
 Gas delivery system for leaks and correct pressure
 Air inlets and outlets 
 Accessory drive belts 
 Test engine and transfer safety switch devices


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------Jalade Management------

Jalade Management has conducted business with Sunstroke since 2015.
We have found their service to be of very good quality.
The manner in which they execute their duties is professional and we will continue making use of their services in future.


Sunstroke Electrical is a professional, quality driven company that has always provided excellent service for Parmalat. Their highly skilled employees are trustworthy and reliable!”

------Donovon Storm------

Once again thank you and your team for the efficient service you have given us, it is highly uncommon nowadays to receive such a high level of workmanship.


I would like to thank Fred and Anton from Sunstroke Electrical for their speedy and professional service.

I've had so many companies and individuals in the past, claiming they're professionals, only to end up with more costs to fix their poor work.

With the guys from Sunstroke, you could see from the get go that they know what they are doing, and they pride themselves on their work ethics.

And the bonus, they even clean up after themselves!

I would most definitely recommend them to anyone in need of professional workmanship.

Thank you Sunstroke Electrical!

- Elaine

082 063 4860 | 082 444 0023


Our clients have experienced our reliable and industry leading work. Encompassing the fields of electrical installation, maintenance, repairs, and fabrication; our group will always be indispensable to the needs of our clients. This is and will remain the driving principle of progress and the touchstone of our success.