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Commercial & Industrial Services

Industrial Installations & Repairs

High bay or T bay light installations needed for your factory? We are height trained and have a master electrician on site for hazard and pedro chemical.

Electricians for your Business

Our technicians are highly trained. We can also design a layout for lights or any electrical circuits. If there is in outside lights or emergency lights that need installation we can do it.

Building Electrical Repairs

The plug suddenly not working or maybe a light is out. Give us a call we can have a look at the issue and repair it there and then. Whether you have a big or small electrical issue we can fix it for you.

Certificate Of Compliance

Before a C.O.C can be done we inspect the house if the house has no faults we write out the C.O.C document and hand it to you. If however there is a fault a quote will be given to you before we commence with repairs, after the fault has been corrected a C.O.C can be given to you.

Other Services

Air conditioning


Electrical Installations

 Rewire & Repair of Distribution Boards
 Fault finding 
 Outdoor/Parking Lot Lighting
 HID Lighting and Control 
 Lighting Design
 Ballast/Lamp Replacing
 1 phase/3 Phase Circuits
 Specialty Receptacles 
 Motor Controls/Lighting Contactors

Solar Installations

 Installation & Maintenance
 Certificate of Compliance 
 Grid Tied Systems
 Off Grid Systems 
 Hybrid Systems
 Bi Directional Systems 
 Repair & Testing

Backup Power

 Change engine oil, spark plug, air and oil filter 
 Coolant and thermal level  
 Gas delivery system for leaks and correct pressure
 Air inlets and outlets 
 Accessory drive belts 
 Test engine and transfer safety switch devices

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