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Certificate of Compliance

A valid electrical certificate is a legal requirement, the owner of an “electrical installation” should be in possession of a valid electrical certificate at all times.

In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) no person may market, sell, let or supply an electrical installation that is unsafe.

The Seller of a property is therefore obligated to obtain a COC before transfer of the property from a legitimate contractible company which complies with all the criteria as stipulated by the authorities and conforms to the latest Code of Practice.

What Is A COC (Certificate of Compliance)

a  COC (Certificate of Compliance) is a complete survey of your homes electrical system everything gets looked over your plugs, wire width, distribution boards & lights. A Complete C.O.C is about 16 Tests that are done on the house to make sure the house is safe for People and Animals on the premises.

What We Do

Before a COC can be done we inspect the house if the house has no faults we write out the COC document and hand it to you. If however there is a fault a quote will be given to you before we commence with repairs, after the fault has been corrected a COC can be given to you.

Other Services


Electrical Theft

Electrical Theft happens everywhere let us help you out and secure your DB today.


Update you current home with modern light fixtures and Plug Outlets

Backup Power

Installation of generators, Battery packs and change over switches.


Installation & Maintenance of Solar installations


Electric Fence

Installation of electric fence. Maintenance on broken or saggy fencing

New Installations

Building a new house? We can do a full electrical plan and installation on home automation or normal electrical installation.

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